Hello Rosie Kent

We interviewed the fabulous Rosie Kent who has a few collections with us here at Buckle Bow Pearl! 

So Rosie, tell us a little about your background and how you came to become a jewellery designer/maker?

I grew up in the Lake District and always thought I would paint portraits or make clothes. My grandmother was an antique dealer and introduced me to wondrous treasures at a young age. I’m sure this shaped my career as whilst studying at London's Central Saint Martins I was quickly steered into jewellery. My style in jewellery started with large rather risqué pieces but developed in to finer more complex pieces. I have always been interested in items that move and lock together and this is evident in my wedding and engagement rings. I am an inventor at heart.

 Where do you make and design your jewellery?

I have a live/ work unit in east London where I have set up a jewellery workshop and design studio. I sketch the initial ideas before translating the designs into 3D models using Cad technology. The models are 3D printed and cast in silver and then hand finished to a high level of detail. 3D technology is amazing, it really is opening up new endless possibilities which is very exciting.


What is your favourite thing about being a designer?

Seeing clients wearing your work is the greatest feeling, but also meeting other designers and learning about their career routes is inspiring. I've met some incredibly talented people. I'm hoping to see more of the world whilst selling my jewellery to a larger audience.



What would you say were your main influences for your collection?

My debut collection 'Palladio' is heavily influenced by the Palladian era of architecture. Scallop motifs and columns of colour are prominent throughout the whole collection. I appreciate all design styling from the 1920's and I hope my work has a sense of timeless glamour akin to the Art Deco period.


What is your favourite piece in your current collection and why? 

The simple facade drop earrings were the starting point of this collection, I love the striking black onyx against the gold plate. As they were designed first and inspired the rest of the collection I will favour them for a while! 

Check out the stunning collection today!