Absolutely Charming - A Guide For Picking The Perfect Charm

I personally think vintage charms are just so so special. Every charm I stock is unique. Not only that but they are from a past time. A time when jewellery was made by hand. Each charm is delicately finished. They are like a tiny pieces of art. 

One of the things that amazes me the most about vintage charms is the variety. My favourites are the most unusual ones. 

When picking a charm for a loved one there are many ways you can make it special. Here are some ideas - 

- Classic symbols - Hearts are the perfect respresentation of love and sometimes the most classic charms can be a safe but wonderful gift. 

- Letters - If you can find your loved ones initial or maybe somebody special to them. A letter to remember or celebrate is such a special present. 

- Personalised item - Do they love photography or maybe cycling? Could you find them something that links back to one of their favourite things to do? This can be so personal and unique. 

- Good luck - A horseshoe, a clover or maybe even a wishbone. These are just some of the wonderful good luck charms you can come across. Perfect for someone about to sit exams or go off travelling. 

- Charm combo - If you do want to spend a little more, you can always do a double or even triple combo. So for example, you're a new parent and you want to congratulate your partner on the birth of your child. Why not find the childs initial, along with a heart or even both of your initials. The more the merrier of course! 


The main thing I would say for picking charms is to have fun. I think you can be more playful with charms as they are small and sometimes even the really unusual ones look the coolest on the chains. Layer them up, whether that's on multiple chains or many charms on one. I love all of these looks and I think they can really show off a persons personality. Also don't forget you can give them a couple of charms with the freedom to style them in their own way.

If you are picking for a friend, then please get in touch if you need anything specific. I will always do my best to try and find you any particular charm or letter. 

Happy hunting! 

Jessica x 

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