Why Choose Vintage?

You may own vintage jewellery already or maybe you haven't made your first vintage purchase yet. You may be wondering why you should. Why you wouldn't just pick something new. If you have been following BBP for a while you will know, that I love to mix old and new. I really believe that every person should have some vintage pieces in their jewellery box. Why, you may ask? Well let me tell you...

Vintage jewellery is so unique. You may find similar pieces but a lot of vintage or antique pieces are just one offs. When I buy in pieces, I only have one of each, so you are getting something totally special. 

Buy the piece, and wait for the compliments to start rolling in. You know you are wearing something truly wonderful when people comment on it. I can't tell you how many people comment on my 'Cameo' ring I wear. I have lost count on the amount of compliments the ring has received. Why? Because it's something people don't see every day.

The Craftsmanship, is second to none. I carefully select well made pieces and wow, sometimes the details honestly take my breath away. The ornate twists and markings are something you just don't see today. The weight to the pieces and skill that is required to achieve some of the settings, really is absolutely incredible. 

Something that is spoken about a lot a the moment is the sustainability of a purchase. Well, how great is it that all of these vintage and antique pieces have been around, they could have even been through a few fabulous woman jewellery boxes already and now they are ready to be worn in a new way in a new era. 

Not only that but because the pieces are made in a bygone era, I tend to find that they have a classic look. They can be styled with todays fashion and style, and your own personal way. However they as a piece can be kept and passed on, as heirlooms. Heirlooms that your daughters, nieces, friends can wear in their own way! 

I hope you enjoy looking through the vintage I have selected. 

Jessica x


Alice Catherine x Buckle Bow Pearl

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