The Story Behind The Brand

I wanted to tell the story behind starting up Buckle Bow Pearl. I have always had an interest in vintage and antique jewellery, but also furniture and clothes. Our house has a lovely mix of old and new, as does my wardrobe. I have a massive appreciation for antiques, the detail, the craftmanship never fails to amaze me. From a young age I loved the Antiques Roadshow, and it is still a staple favourite in our house. Sundays feel very strange without watching. We sit and guess the values of the pieces, it all gets very competitive. 

After leaving school fairly confused about what I wanted to do, I ended up working in a jewellery shop locally. Although the store didn't sell antique pieces, I got a great grounding in the world of jewellery. The store had very strong view on customer service, so I had a fantastic outlook on how important this is (rightly so) at a very young age. 

After a few years I moved onto other roles but my heart still sat with jewellery. I had always wanted to own my own business but I was unsure of what to do. 

I had always worn vintage pieces myself, some I had sourced but some passed onto me from my Nanny and Great Aunt. In particular I had a fabulous cameo, I still wear it every day, you may have spotted it in some of my pictures. It often draws a lot of attention and people frequently ask how they can get one. That is when I realised that not everyone was as fortunate to be handed such unique pieces and I decided to see what was out there online. I had a look and at the time I felt that nobody was selling vintage jewellery at a reasonable price in a modern format. The sites were either dated or very over priced. So I decided that I would make a site myself.

I wanted the site to be user friendly, clean and modern. I wanted the photographs and descriptions to give all the measurements and information you need to make an online purchase. I wanted to price the items fairly. Lastly I wanted to style the jewellery with modern clothes, to help people know exactly how to wear them.

And just like that Buckle Bow Pearl was born. I love my job, I love the treasure hunting. I love giving great customer service and trying to help my customers find the right pieces. I love that owning my own business enables me to be a mum to Neve and Jude. It's not always an easy juggle, but it's definitely one that is worth it. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about how it all began, I hope the site can bring to you all, beautiful, well made pieces, that can become heirlooms of the future.

Jessica x  




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