How to Keep Your Treasure Sparkling

Wearing jewellery every day is a part of life. So how do we make sure our jewellery gleams and shines for the occasion? Here are a few of my top tips - 

Solid Gold / Platinum Pieces - 

- If stone set make sure you keep on top of cleaning the stones. If dirt / soap gets caught underneath the stones it can in time loosen them so it's really important you keep on top of this. You can either invest in a sonic cleaner or use an old toothbrush. Please be aware that some stones are not suitable for a sonic cleaner as they cannot be submerged, please check before for each stone type.  

- A rouge cloth will bring your yellow gold or rose gold bands to a lovely polished finish or you could take them to a jeweller for a professional clean. 


Pearls - 

All gemstones clean up differently and it's really important that you check how each is cleaned before doing so. I sell a lot of pieces with pearls so I wanted to add a little bit of information about cleaning and taking care of them, as they are quite unique. 

Pearls should only be cleaned with a soft damp cloth with a very small amount of ivory soap. 

Pearls actually age better when worn! How incredible, the perfect excuse to wear them all the time. However they are very sensitive to chemicals so perfume, make up, hair spray and also they don't like showers, baths or swimming. So be sure to remove them before. 

They actually gain from the oils in your skin, improving their luster with every wear. 


Jewellery is made to be worn and to sparkle. If you ever need any further advice on cleaning, please get in touch. I would always be more than happy to help. 


Jessica x 

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