As We Begin To Head Out Again, What Are Our Jewels Saying About Us?

With everything slowly making its way open, it really is such a wonderful time to dress up. We've waited long enough surely? Yes, I will admit I have loved wearing very comfy clothes most the time and not much make up. However I am excited to be looking at new outfits to wear to an actual dinner, INSIDE. Who knew that would be what we were yearning for.

I will admit though, it's a very strange feeling after all this time. I am still a little in limbo with it all. Which is why I think a few little wardrobe and jewellery box additions could be just the medicine we need to get us excited about the getting back to some degree of normal. So I have pulled together some ideas for your looks...

Pearl it up - With British Vogue naming pearls as one of the big trends for this Spring / Summer, they seem a great way to go. Not only will you feel elegant and wonderful, but you will look it too. For my pearl selection click here.

Chain reaction - Layer your chains, the more the merrier. There has never been a better time to make a statement. For my best chain picks for layering, click here.

Summer love - Bring happiness and the beach to you. Find jewellery that is happy and positive. You can find summer love in colourful gemstones and beautiful pendants. For bright, summer pieces click here.

Dainty delights - A simple chain. A simple ring. Go minimal but make an impact with the most delicate pieces. Giving a elegant, feminine look. A playful way to wear this is to team it with more masculine, clothes. For a wonderful contrast. Click here to find your style. 

One thing I always think is so important with jewellery is to have fun. Be playful, enjoy putting on your pieces, go for something different. It can really make you feel good. 

Most importantly, enjoy the easing of lockdown. At your own pace of course, when you feel ready. Have some fun and look fabulous. 

Jessica  x

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