How To Make The Perfect Christmas Stocking

Getting a Christmas stocking right is nothing short of an art form. Yes. That's right. An art form. One that if you can get the right ingredients for, can be nothing short of magic. 

First things first, you need an incredible stocking. The packaging needs to look so brilliant that they can't wait to find what's inside. So you want something festive, timeless and durable. As you will be reusing it each year for many to come.

Speaking of inside, you will want to have - 

Something Personal - This could be a charm with a letter or even a mug with their name on it. Personalised gifts are popular for a reason. People like to feel like you have picked the item just for them, so the more personal the better, quite frankly. 

Get Scenty - Candle? Perfume? The options are a signature scent or something festive. 

Little Taste of Luxury - Everyone likes to feel special, so whether you go for a cocktail ring, some special earrings or silk pyjamas. This present needs to get a gasp when they open it. Something extra special. 

Edible - This pressie needs to be delish. Something they can eat on Christmas Day. Maybe some posh chocs, or some amazing sweets. 

Game Time - Something to do is always a winner. Cards or a small game can be a fun entry into the stocking of dreams. It can bring a fun lighthearted feel to the morning and can be the perfect thing to do that day. 

Cosy - Cosy socks or something knitted. Lets face it, it's a colder time and it's lovely to put on a pair of fresh extra soft socks or a cashmere scarf.

Bubble central - Something for the bath. A face mask. A body scrub. Something that not only smells amazing but also feels it. 

Follow these little rules and you will have created more than a Christmas stocking. You will have created Christmas in a stocking. The essence of Christmas. The Christmas of dreams. A tradition. A wonderfully special moment, I hope you enjoy making them. Jessica x 


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