Styling Your Vintage Jewellery

Styling vintage jewellery is all about you. Working out your everyday pieces from your special pieces. The wonderful thing about vintage is you can make it really personal. So where to start? From the top...

Hoops or studs? Start with either a pair of vintage gold hoops or some studs. You could go with pearls (very classic chic) or a gemstone (perhaps a special stone to you, like a birthstone or one of a loved one). 

Next up is some neckwear. Depending on your style, you might like to go for a chunky vintage chain or perhaps something a little more delicate. With the delicate vintage chains, you can add some vintage charms. You can go super personalised with this, so you can pick charms related to your feelings, hobbies, names, birthstones. There really are such a huge variety, you can have a lot of fun with some of the more playful ones. These charms can really tell your story and have such sentimental meaning. You can of course have one or two core charms that you wear each day and then add and take away extra ones and extra chain layers to add to the look. 

One of my favourite things about vintage layering is how wonderful it can look with a variety of charms. 

Lastly you have your rings. Everyone needs some every day pieces, Cameos are perfect for this or eternity rings. You want to ideally go for durable settings and stones for your everyday vintage. This way it will last forever. 

Everyone should invest in some more special, unique rings that are not for everyday. These are you rings for when you are out to dinner or off somewhere special. Because a glamorous ring can make you feel all dressed up and special in seconds. One of my favourite things to do is wear those special rings with jeans. Some people say if your having a bad day put your best lipstick on and whilst I totally agree with the saying... I say add your favourite vintage cocktail ring.

Elizabeth Taylor once said "Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique"

It's just so accurate. Jewellery really can make you feel so special and so unique. You should have fun picking your pieces. Enjoy creating your jewellery style. 

A last little note - One of the great things about having a small business is that, I can personally help if you need any further advice. No question is too small. You'll spot that on the bottom left hand of this page is a chat box. I am on the other end of this, so any questions at all, please get in touch. I would be honoured to talk through your choices. 

Jessica  x

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