My Love For Jewels

I have always thought your jewellery is a true reflection of you. An extension of your personality. A way to express how you're feeling, much like your clothes, but you can always be a little bolder with your jewels. I have always been drawn to jewellery, I love noting what people wear and admiring the pieces they have. 

I have my everyday pieces. I wear my vintage diamond studs, that my love gave me for my 30th Birthday. He also brought me a delicate tragus stud with three little diamonds when I fell pregnant. I have a very special bracelet I had made with an ornate key holding a ruby in the centre, to remember a best friend I lost. I wear a chain with my daughter and sons initials, very delicate and discreet, close to my heart. Lastly but far from least my engagement ring. These are the pieces I never take off. From there I add depending on what I'm up to or how I'm feeling. 

The wonderful thing about having a little collection of charms and rings, is they are so easy to add to your every day staples. You can be really playful with charms. You can just keep adding which is so fun. 

I love opening my jewellery box in the morning and choosing what I will add that day, it's a wonderful feeling to be able to express through your jewellery. Really you are wearing little works of art and that is so special. 


Wearing jewellery makes me feel grounded, there is a reason jewellery has been around for so long. Why people used jewels and gold to remember or mark special people or things. It really does work. You can touch a piece of jewellery and feel closer to the person who gave it to you or the person you brought it to remember. Maybe you brought a piece to mark a new achievement and in turn, when you look at it or touch it, you can feel inspired all over again. 

When talking about my favourite things about jewellery I can't not mention detail. Detail is one of the finest things about jewellery. The more the better in my opinion. One of the most amazing traits I love in my pieces is detail so small only you can notice or someone very close. It's like a hidden meaning or secret, you can't get more personal than that.

Lastly I love the stones. I love the stones with imperfections, I love the way they are natural, brought from the earth to you. I love the way they look like magic, particularly stones like Opal. It's hard to comprehend these stones come from the ground. They really are just like a dream. 

I love that my jewellery will carry on. I love that it will go onto my children and they can then pass it onto theirs. Heirlooms are so so special. 

"Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique" Elizabeth Taylor. 

I enjoy treasure hunting for jewels for Buckle Bow Pearl just as much as for myself. I love that I am finding future heirlooms for many people / families. It feels so good to know these pieces will live on and go forward. I hope you find some treasure in mine. 

- Jessica x 

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