Positivity is Key

'As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others' Audrey Hepburn.

I have pulled together some ideas for ways to stay happy and healthy at home. I hope you find it useful, in times like this you can feel a little helpless, so I wanted to put something positive out. 

Try to find a new normal at home - Create a new routine, write out your week. What you would like to achieve during the time and this can be work related if you are working from home or this might be sort through a cupboard or clear out your wardrobe. 

Keep in touch - Try to speak with friends and family on the phone or FaceTime where possible. Obviously if you live with people, lots of conversations are great. Try to have meals together and limit your screen use and really be present. 

Positive Attitude - Stay positive and know that this won't last forever. Keep an optimistic view and voice this, it's very infectious. Try to focus on the day to day rather than looking forward too much into the unknown. 

Stay active - If you are lucky enough to have a garden or balcony then use this space or if you don't find a sunny or light spot in your living area. Get youtube up on your telly / iPad / phone. There are so many people doing incredible workouts free online at the moment. HIITS by the Bodycoach or Yoga with Adrienne is so calming. If you have children, then get them involved, my two year old loves jumping around to the work outs. 

Nature - Be as close to nature as possible, if you have a garden then great but if you don't find ways to be as close as you can. Nature will always make you feel grounded and whatever space you live in, you can bring some of the outside in. Through plants, picked flowers, leaf printing with children, the ideas are endless and by thinking up the ideas you may even surprise yourself. With Spring on its way, there are such beautiful flowers and colours coming. 

Limiting screen time - Ensuring we don't spend our whole days watching our phones / screens is so important. Finding other means to keep us entertained will help greatly. Gardening, reading, bubble baths, cooking, baking, painting, drawing, puzzles, boardgames. There are so many things we can do indoors that don't require a screen. 

To further this I would really recommend picking a slot in the day where you update yourself with the governments latest updates and then switch off from it all again, it can help to reduce feeling overwhelmed and to live in the present moment rather than feeling totally panicked about what is to come. 

I would also make sure the news channel or means you pick for this time is one you believe to be trustworthy.

Be helpful - If you can and you have a way to help people then please do. We have received 5 cards through our door offering help! How incredible! If you know anyone who is a little older or more vulnerable then post a card. I can promise that by doing little acts of kindness, you not only offer help but you also will feel less helpless yourself. This will bring a sense of community to the world at a time when it needs it more than ever. 

Atmosphere - Try to keep your environment tidy, clean and beautiful. The Danish have been practising a concept called Hygge for years. Light candles, feel togetherness, create a cosy, wonderful atmosphere, snuggle up with your favourite book or play boardgames by candle light. Take pleasure in simple times. 

I really send lots of love out to everyone. Everyone will be effected by this crisis in different ways. Please be mindful of this. To some it means loosing a job, a loved one, so it's great to find humour and share stories but we must take this seriously. By taking the advice seriously we will save many lives. Stay positive, stay strong and help others. 

Jessica x 


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