Stack Them Up

Stacking rings is in my opinion, the perfect way to wear rings. Well, why not take full advantage of being able to put more than one ring on each finger. 

Much like layering your necklaces you need to think of a few things - 


How well do they fit together - So some shapes won't sit neatly with other shapes. It will be a case of playing around. The bands will go together no problem but if it's a gemstone piece, the stone could stick out a little so you may need to either swap them over or go with another finger. 

Texture - Mixing textures can give the ultimate stack. It gives definition and helps the eye to see more clearly that there are multiple rings. 

Materials - Try to either use all solid gold or all gold vermeil as they vary in durability, you don't really want to take away some of the plate with a harder metal or stone. It's absolutely fine to wear both but keep them to different fingers or hands if possible. 

Size is everything - A mixture of delicate and bigger pieces will offer contrast, which will add to the stacks charm. 

When is enough, enough - Only you can decide on this. I love an understated delicate stack but I also love a hand FULL of rings. So depending on your mood you can decide this. That is the beautiful thing about building a nice collection, you can then have the freedom to choose depending on how you feel. 


You can have lots of fun with rings. Be bold. Be playful. A good set of rings with a manicure, can make you feel like you can take on just about anything. 

If you ever want any one on one guidance please get in touch, anytime. I love to talk jewellery. 

Jessica x 



 Alice Catherine x Buckle Bow Pearl


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