The Perfect Valentines At Home

Whether you're celebrating with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or good pal. I think this year is a year where you need to still have some fun, even if we can't go anywhere.  If you live alone, you can still celebrate this on zoom too! 

So how do we do this?  

Firstly you want to start the day right. Pancakes? Waffles? A special breakfast always sets the tone to a wonderful day.

Next up, treats. Maybe some jewels (I have pulled a Valentines Edit if you wanted to go down the jewellery route) maybe some flowers, perfume/ aftershave, special chocolates, stick to the classics, everyone loves to receive these staples. 

Now for the evening, eating out isn't an option but fear not... there are some seriously amazing supper clubs at the moment. Laura Jackson has an amazing one Hoste, or why not look up your favourite restaurant and see what they are up to. A lot of cafes / restaurants are being very creative in what you can order from them at the moment. So get ordering or making something extra special. 

Next lay the table, yes it may seem a bit extreme but I think we all need a bit of wonderful at the moment. Think gorgeous candles, and wine or Champagne in your fanciest glasses. For the extra special feels, add some table decorations. Don't forget to include a scrumptious dessert. 

Now what for afters? Well it's so easy to tuck into your favourite series or a film but why not pull out a board game or some cards? You could even compile a quiz for you both to do. I think it's really important to sometimes do something a little different. We have been playing Rummikub at home lately - it's great with two players too. 

Whatever you end up doing and whoever you end up spending it with, I hope it's full of love and friendship.

Jessica x 

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