Twenty Twenty Will Be The Year Of Spreading Christmas Cheer

More than ever, this year needs to be the year we spread Christmas cheer. It is most certainly not going to be a usual Christmas but one thing we can control is the spread of Christmas cheer. 

No, not in the normal ways... But I have been racking my brains for some wonderful ways to do so and safely. 

FILL THE WINDOWS - Just like we did with the rainbows, we can fill our windows with creativity. Snowflakes, angels, lights, the more the merrier. 

SEND SOME LOVE - Whether you are sending a hand written letter, a picture your child has painted, some photos or a piece of jewellery. Your loved one, will love to receive it. 

CANDLELIGHT CHRISTMAS MOVIES - Spreading cheer, isn't just for people outside of your house. It is for you too! Light your favourite candles, get some treats and sit down to watch a lovely Christmas movie. My personal favourites are The Holiday and I love watching The Snowman with Neve, can't wait to see if Jude loves it too.

MAKE A WREATH - Whether you buy a pack to make one or order in some supplies, it's so much fun to make a wreath. There are so many options, just google 'how to make a wreath' and you will see the possibilities are endless. Not only will you have the most fun, you will also have something bright and cheery on your door for everyone passing by, your postman and even for you every time you walk through it. Add a fabulous Christmas playlist for added Christmas joy.  

DOOR STEP SURPRISES - Maybe you have an old neighbour or one with a new baby or really just anyone at all. You could leave a little surprise on their doorstep. Maybe you've baked something special or brought something small. Opening your door to an unexpected present is so lovely. 

A sense of community is something we can take strength in. If we stick together we are going to get through the tougher times and even enjoy them, yes maybe not quite how we pictured it, but in a brilliant way none the less. 

Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. 

Jessica x 

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